My first love was international development, and for over 15 years I worked for international aid agencies, consulting companies and non-profits, dealing with big global issues of poverty, inequality, health and rights. With Master's degrees in Development Economics and in Reproductive and Sexual Health Research, I have taken very seriously my training in the economic, political, social and public health aspects of human development. But life has a way of teaching us its own lessons too - and after some painful life experiences and a rewarding internal journey, I added the personal dimension to my lifelong learning of what it means to be fully human. I read, I inquired, I listened to myself and others, I also studied yoga in depth, for years. I was eventually also coached, and being a pragmatist at heart, I resonated with the very tangible clarity and forward energy that coaching brought me.

I understood three things, that still drive me today: striving to know myself is the first step towards living the life I want; assuming responsibility for my own growth liberates me; achieving coherence of body, mind and soul is key to being in my power. I wanted to contribute to people’s lives with what I knew. I wanted a straightforward and great tool to do this, and I trained professionally as a Coach.
I am now dedicated to supporting leaders and teams to develop this self-awareness, take on the responsibility for their own internal coherence and growth, and achieve their goals from a place of integrity and consciousness, empowerment and agency.
I do this through leadership coaching, training, facilitation and speaking engagements.



How we let the light in


This interests me lately, as I watch how long-held truths are being dismantled, how veils are being pulled back, how more and more cracks are opening and truths are being voiced everywhere. As I watch this happening around me, with my clients, in myself. What interests me is this: How ...


Connection makes us all healthy


You probably heard already that brain and body are connected, right? Well, it turns out that the powerful forces that keep our bodies healthy are in essence the same forces that keep our individual brains healthy, and the ‘cultures’ in which we operate (our homes, our workplaces, our institutions) thriving. ...


Neural integration for wellbeing and harmony – It’s all connected!


You know when they say that a choir’s harmony and power is the result of all the individual voices, each with their own range, weight and tone, coming together, creating that magic…? Well, this same principle seems to apply to us as humans: research is finding that our performance, health, ...


Zen conversations with a Coach (Part I)


As a coach I get asked curious questions about the Zen Coaching side of me, so I thought it would be a good idea to answer them here too! So here goes Part I!   1. What is Zen Coaching? People usually come to coaching when they feel stuck or ...