We usually start by exploring the areas you want to make changes in. Concrete, inspiring objectives start emerging from our explorations, and we then focus on them through action: testing out how you are and the way you do things, in the real world. In action is how you transform, and we work together to make those changes sustainable and long-lasting. We work through a blended approach of live calls and e-coaching. The length of our coaching will depend on how big your goals are! Through deep listening, powerful questions and awareness techniques, I stretch you to think, feel and act in ways that connect and re-energize you. I keep you motivated and focused, and you do what you need to do, every week, to bring yourself closer to your goals. 
My motto is ‘Become who you are. Live from your power’: the more we know our truth and the more we inhabit ourselves with integrity, the stronger and freer we are to live as ourselves and achieve our purpose. This is why I work with both neuroscience (results and goals) and mindfulness (self-awareness and presence) based approaches, using the power of e-coaching for deep, rapid and impactful change. And because coaching is a journey of growth, you learn to deal with ingrained resistances and transform habits of thought and behaviour, you become emotionally literate and transform how you relate to your world.
  • ‘To be a complete human being, to be a totality and experience wholeness, to be able to experience all possibilities and all potential for a human being, first we need to be ourselves’

    A.H. Almaas

  • ‘Every man can, if he so desires, become the sculptor of his own brain’

    Santiago Ramón y Cajal